Monthly Archives: February 2002

Things Of Little Note

So far I’ve discovered a few things of note on my latest trip out to the US of A. First is that I still have no clue about tipping and am leaving too much by way of compensation because by the time the bill arrives I’m usually too wasted to work it out in my head.

Second thing is the Met. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. This is excellent and deserves many more revisits. I’ve actually got some great inspiration from ancient swords and other exhibits there to work on a new logo and website design for Ascalon Films.

Third thing, and this really is ‘more fool me’, is that I’ve discovered teriyaki flavour beef jerky actually tastes like dog breath. Yes. Exactly how a hound’s mouth smells when one exhales in your face has been captured in this unique faux food product. I didn’t finish it.

Fourth on my list of stuff to remember is that it’s actually incredibly easy to get from Newark airport to Manhattan. There’s a train, the New Jersey Transit (NJTransit) which runs from Penn Street, Manhattan, to the airport, takes 20 minutes and costs $11.15. At the airport there’s a monorail to take you to the terminal, which is cool and has a great view of the NYC skyline.

Fifth thing–and most important–is that all my friends out here are great. Very cool people. Very real. Unique, smart, funny. That’s the ones I’ve met up with and the ones I haven’t had a chance to see on this visit. I the USA. I you all. (Except you. You know who you are. I hate you.)

And yes, I have had a beer this evening. Okay, more than one.

It Must Be Fate

Yes. Fate & Fortune is now cut. Yes, the neg cutting is done as of today complete with titles and credits and the film should be at the lab. With any luck I’ll be able to see a mute print later really soon.

Mute, you say? Mute, you say, with no trace of a smile at the inherent oxymoron in those three conjoined words. Hoho. Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point. Yes. It has no sound. Why? Because nice Peter, who mixed the sound for Last Train has offered to do a Dolby Surround remix for Fate & Fortune.

Yes, the person who made Last Train sound superb is willing to help with this film too. His comment was something along the lines that the pictures were such high quality it deserved a little more work on the sound. So the soundtrack will be put on later and the audio will be worthy of the visuals. Hooray!

I am very very pleased.