Monthly Archives: March 2005

Award Winning Filmmaker

So I’m editing a short promo for a local producer, Beth Winsten. Today Beth brings round some VHS tapes including one of the Selina Scott program from the UK. Oh. My. God. Can I say that when it’s Easter in Jesustan? Whatever. Scott has got to have been the biggest airhead ever to grace the idiot box. She was interviewing mortician turned author, Thomas Lynch. I can only guess he was asking himself how someone so brain dead was still capable of movement.

Meanwhile, in far off Mount Pleasant, MI, Fate & Fortune has tied for second place in the Central Michigan International Film Festival. American Short Film has placed third with John’s other film, Europa Society. We took the trip up to Mt Pleasant las week to receive our certificates (picture me doing the jiggy dance at this point. And then stop).

Mt Pleasant is the first place I’ve been (though probably not the last) where one of the local theaters has been turned into a church. That’s right, a church. Not a bingo hall. What’s that? “Only in America.” Quite.

Anyway, John and I met Richard Brauer who appears to be Michigan’s major feature filmmaker of the moment having completed four in four years. Yes, I did hand him a business card. Who knows whether he’ll call, but it had to be done. And we got a nice write up in the local paper.

I should write some here about meeting Academy Award winner, Sue Marx, and showing her the various shorts from the UK. About going to various production companies seeking more camera/lighting/editing work. About visiting TV stations in Detroit. About Cinema Slam. About parties, screenings, learning, working. About this. About that. Network network network.

I should definitely mention the Ann Arbor Film Festival, for which I was a member of the screening committee. Maybe I should mention hanging out with Charles Kriel and see how many of you know who that is (I didn’t but he’s a cool guy). There was partying to the small hours, many films and at one point, someone I recognized was chatting to the Michigan Theater’s director of programming, but I couldn’t remember his name, so I interrupted them to ask for free popcorn. Turns out that was Crispin Glover. Nice. Hello? McFly?

Now, since the floor didn’t open up to swallow me after that incident, I’m just two days away from completing one of the New Year’s Resolutions by learning Avid. There’s a nice guy I met at Film Fest who has his own production company in Detroit who’s going to show me how to use the system which is apparently pretty similar to FCP. Then, cutting some scenes for another guy who’s just finished shooting his first feature. At the weekend: Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon over at Anthony’s house on Saturday. Sunday: collapse.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned, but we now have a concept artist for the feature I’m developing with two Detroit writers. It’s all crazy. This year’s goal is now: make enough to live on by working part time and develop personal projects the rest of the time. Think it’s possible? Wait and see.

Editor At Large

Today my quest for meaningful and ultimately gainful employment in the creative world of film takes me out to West Bloomfield where a group of guys with a lot of footage are seeking assistance cutting it into a feature. Then I’m planning on meeting an experimental filmmaker here in A2. Also needs an editor. Hopefully I’ll be able to help.