Smells Like A Conspiracy Theory

It wouldn’t be America without a good conspiracy theory would it. So, here it is. Two states made the biggest difference for Bush. Two states with new electronic voting systems and no paper trails to check if anything seemed amiss. Funnily enough, those states with e-votes were ones where naughty voters apparently bucked the trend of the paper balloted states and lied to the folks conducting exit polls.

Daily Kos thinks this might be worth a few minutes of people’s attention. Here’s a nice clear illustration so you can judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that the election was “free and fair” according to the international monitors. Ah, but, here’s the nice bit for the conspiracy theory: they didn’t allow those election monitors into the polling stations in–you’ll never guess–Florida and Ohio. Surely not.

Nah, it’s just some bitter Kerry supporters. It’s not like the voting machine manufacturer promised Ohio to Bush beforehand or anything. That would be silly.

Anyway, it strikes me that …Hey, is that a black helicopter? Jesus is watching. Thwup thwup thwup…


Yet more evidence is being presented that the vote may have been hacked. Too late now, though. Kerry already capitulated.

Thwup thwup thwup…