One thought on “The Thing Is…

  1. It’s a shame the person in the following news story, uncovered by Simon MonkeyMan Ricketts, hasn’t been equally so…

    “Britain’s lacklustre VE celebrations have Will Young,
    Daniel Bedingfield and Cliff Richard.

    In what way does this honour such a momentous

    The civic leaders of Yekaterinaburg have got it right.
    From Sunday, a circus show will dress monkeys as Nazis
    and have them act out wartime stories, to celebrate
    the Soviet victory.

    Anatoly Marchevsky, director of the circus, said he
    opted for monkeys to represent Nazis because it was
    easy to design costumes for them.

    “You can not dress a horse like a Nazi,” he claimed.
    He originally intended to have leopards act as Nazis
    as, he said, “Leopards are carnivores. And they fit
    ideally when it comes to representing aggressors.”

    However, Marchevsky acknowledged, it was “almost
    impossible” to dress leopards in Nazi uniforms.”

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