69 Second Renaissance

Saturday we went to the Renaissance Fair in Holly, MI. Was it American or was it European? I get the feeling it was its own fetishized version of history and it was much fun, yea verily! Here’s your 69 second taste. Extra points for spotting Ye Olde Cellphones.

3 Responses to '69 Second Renaissance'

  1. Lucy Says:

    You guys sure know how to have fun. Oh, and your sister’s looking well…

  2. jeremy Says:

    Once again. The Blipgramme. Great. Good. Knights. Goodnight.

  3. Simon Ricketts Says:

    Oi, Jefferies, have you gone to sleep? Here we are, back in Blighty, wondering how you are doing and your blog has not been updated since August.

    Get with it. Or, as you Americans would probably say “Let’s kick some ass”, er, or something.