Couple of weeks back I added Fate & Fortune and Last Train to the Internet Movie DataBase. Apparently it takes seven days to three weeks to build the entry when you add a new film. They need links to external sites like festivals for verification and that takes time. Also mine had lots of new people who weren’t on the imdb already so I’m guessing that slows it all down a lot.

It’s interesting clicking the link every few days and seeing what new bits have been added. It’s kind of like seeing a small seed sprout a shoot then put out leaves as they build information incrementally. It started with just the film name. Then the people already on imdb were added, like Simon Cozens and Simon Ricketts.

Lately the synopsis for F&F (I didn’t do one for LT) has appeared and somewhere along the line, links to the official site were added. Latest update is some more tech specs. I guess another reason for it being such a ponderous process is because imdb is one huge set of interlinking pages and someone has to manually check each one as they go up.

As I say, it’s like seeing a plant grow. Fascinating. Eventually it will flower. You know: fame, fortune, bright lights, the ever-elusive barrel of monkeys and tons of addictive substances to control the voices. In the meantime, I’ve got your opening grosses–right here in my pants.