My New To Do (List)

Rather than enter Last Train in dozens of festivals at home and abroad, I felt a better use of my day off this week was to draw up a To Do List. You know, where you write down all the things you really must do to to feel good about yourself… except for the really big things that look like monsters.

So, I sort out old sweaters and other clothing into two garbage sacks (binliners) and take them to the charity shop. I set up a new savings account linked to a FTSE tracker fund so that the extra income I have coming in from rearranging my loans into my mortgage doesn’t all instantly vanish. I do the laundry and I go to the bottle bank with a lot of empty Becks bottles.

This all seems pretty good. I also go out and buy a microwave oven to replace the one which has been leaving cold spots in things for the past three years. I take the old one (which is 20 years old and probably dangerous in more ways than one) up to the dump. I buy a roller blind (orange) for the kitchen and put it up. I do some more laundry, an application form for a sit-com director’s course and send off a cheque to pay for neg cutting.

Then I meet up with someone I work with and start chatting. He tells me the name of someone I can give Last Train to at the BBC. The head of one of the new digital channels, no less. And he’ll write me a letter recommending he looks at the film, because this guy receives thousands of tapes a day.

Yes, you read right. In between my procrastinating and list-fulfillment I managed to actually do something that will take the films forward and the career forward on to the next stage.

Funnily enough the person I spoke to asked me what I plan to do next. Have I any other films in the pipeline. Yes, I reply. But I really want to get these two finished first! One thing I do say, however, and that’s that I intend shooting the next project I finance myself on videotape, probably digital. Film is ridiculously expensive although I wouldn’t trade it for anything else given the choice.