2,000 Postcards

Two thousand postcards seemed like a really good idea at the time. Whatever Pictures has got a database of 600 names, I should be able to scoop up another couple of hundred or so and that means 2,000 cards should give me enough to do two mailshots.

Two thousand postcards in reality actually a carton the size of two shoeboxes. I’ve printed out several hundred labels with the details of the Fate & Fortune preview on June 6th and pulling them off the backing sheet, slapping them on the backs of cards is just as tedious as it sounds.

And this is before I’ve begun making labels to go on the other side with names and addresses of cast and crew, friends, agents, industry contacts and so on. A hundred or so of those.

And of course, Whatever’s database includes the name of every cast and crew member they’ve ever hired or worked with, many of whom will be irrelevant to me so tomorrow I have to go to their offices and trawl the database for what’s relevant instead of sleeping.

Two thousand postcards is a lot of postcards.