F minus 11

I now have:

* 4,000 feet of 250ASA daylight Fuji stock in my fridge in 10x400ft rolls (cost 658 including tax). This means I’m official over the top. They threw in a grey scale and colour swatch card (at my request) which will get photographed in every shot (on the clapperboard) and should make the lab result better.

* Forty percent discount in a deal with a lab (Colour Film Services) for developing and transferring to video including a technical grade (25p/foot, giving a total of 1,175 including tax to finish on Digital Betacam). A Deal With The Lab sounds like a title all on its own. Kind of shady.

* Six extra crew members (if I want them all) including a runner with his own car, a runner with no car and two sound recordists (one of whom can’t do the Friday). I’m now turning people away.

* No police station exterior–Herts Film Link (now part of Screen East) didn’t have anything suitable and emailed me a picture of what looks suspiciously like a town house.

* No food in the house. I finished the second tub of ice cream five minutes ago.