F minus 8

Camera assistant/focus puller – check. Someone who knows what they’re doing and has some experience, knows what consumables they need (eg. compressed air for cleaning, various tapes for sticking things together) and comes equipped with Maglight and Leatherman (a multipurpose tool like a high-tech Swiss Army knife, nothing kinky, sorry). So, I have a new camera assistant.

I also seem to have nearly twenty crew. How the freak did that happen? A touch too mob-handed methinks. Moreover, what I don’t have is (a) equipment–except provisionally–or (b) a light meter (retail cost, approx 700, I’m told. Time to check ebay).


Fort Lauderdale finally confirm that they want the Fate & Fortune print on October 23rd and Los Angeles will be screening it on October 19th. That’s a Saturday, so assume shipping on Monday 21st means two days to get to Florida. Ack. LA don’t pay forward shipping, just to complicate that nice tight turnaround (suits you, sir). Sorry, that’s complicate, not complement. Confusion and work–the diametrically opposing forces of the universe–continue to rule.

Discovery of the day: CD-ROM business cards. Way cool.