F minus 7

Art Department

Major Credits: Production Designer, Art Director(s)
Responsible for: props, wardrobe, graphics.
Provision to date: props and wardrobe.

Discovery: Fiona has turned up with a good selection of what’s needed. She’s today’s star.
Reaction: profound thanks for Fiona. Irritation at the half of the art dept looking after the graphics because they’ve yet to be seen.

Banging head on wall exercise: phoning four days in a row and leaving messages which aren’t returned. And this is to Lionel, one of the writers. Does he want this made or not? Maybe, though, maybe his phone’s not working.
Director’s comment: It’s good here, isn’t it?

Film Lab

Major Credits: Processing by, Grading by
Responsible for: processing raw stock, telecine transfer to video, grading and printing final print for theatrical distribution.
Provision to date: quote. And a few film cans and report sheets.

Discovery: printing 35mm from digital video will cost more or less the same as getting a blow-up from a super16 negative–ie. 3,500 plus tax. Let’s call it 4,500, shall we? On the other hand, printing standard 16mm from a standard 16mm negative will cost around 500 plus tax. Let’s call it 600.
Reaction: guess what we choose? Abject poverty or commonsense?

Banging head on wall exercise: standard 16 will only give me a poor quality (reduced bass and treble) soundtrack while 35mm can give a full range Dolby SR surround soundtrack.
Director’s comment: 4k for decent sound?