Dog Ate My Rushes

The rushes and soundtrack are now with Simon, the editor. Simon is working on a film for HBO, which means all his equipment is in the USA TV standard (NTSC). The Car is, of course, now in the UK TV standard (PAL). So Simon was going to try getting another edit deck so he could digitise my rushes into Avid (the computer edit system).

With me so far? Good. Well it’s been a week so I call Simon and play the answermachine game which we all know and love. What news? Simon calls back later (thereby changing the rules of the game from the one we’ve played with other people). And… he’s been evicted. No really. Okay, the production company have been kicked out of the premises they were using because the owners went bust last week.

Therefore, the news this week is, no rough cut. Or sync’ed up rushes. Or indeed anything to note on The Car except for wrap drinks up in town this Friday with the cast and crew. Oh, and I’ve designed publicity postcards and sent them off to be printed. Once Simon’s settled into new premises and got a PAL deck, he thinks he should have something for me to look at next week (another one we know and love–the old “call me next week” game).

Meanwhile, I’ve had three emails personally addressed to me requesting viewing copies of Last Train and Fate & Fortune for possible screenings in London and also a film festival in Japan. I’ve stuck 150 labels on 150 postcards publicising where and when F&F is on in Florida at the end of the month. And I’ve updated the website, which now seems to be getting a fair few number of hits.

While all that’s going on, Melanie–one of the actresses who appeared in F&F–emails to say she’s been working on a horror movie–A Vampyre’s Kiss–and they can’t find anyone to edit for them for free. The only person who springs to mind is working in a shed in someone’s back garden down the road. I’ll put them in touch.

Reminder: this weekend Fate & Fortune is being shown at the 6th Los Angeles International Short Film Festival in glorious 35mm with the full surround soundtrack (I’m assuming) which took all that time to do. For anyone in the area, it’s on Saturday (October 19th) at ArcLight, Theater 1, 6360 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, as part of program 37.

ps. For anyone wondering, I lied about a dog eating my rushes. Sorry. But it made a good title.