Intel Inside

Dear Intel Customer Support,

I bought your camera [a discontinued product line] and it does not work with my computer. It works fine with my friend’s PC but not mine. Here’s how I’ve installed it, here’s my system spec, here’s the self-help procedure I’ve followed from your website. I think it’s the Intel USB chipset because that’s what it says in your self-help guide. Your chipset is incompatible with your camera. Blah blah blah.

Keith [my bold]


Hello Keith,

Thanks for contacting us!

At this point, if you have gone through the LIVEVID.EXE file with no success, there is little more troubleshooting we can do… [blah blah blah] My suggestion would be to contact our support staff to determine if there is any additional troubleshooting we can do. [some more blah blah here]

Support can be contacted with the information at:


Jon S.
Intel(R) Technical Support


Duh. Duh duh duh. But you *are* the support staff. I contacted you. That weblink is the one I followed to contact you and to which you are responding. And your self-help file says that the chipset *you* make can’t communicate properly with the webcam *you* make. Durrrr.

[sound of banging head on wall]