Film News

Fate & Fortune is due to appear in the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, as part of the Cinema Slam showcase in March.

Last Train will be getting a screening, also in Ann Arbor, thanks to Cinema Slam at the Michigan Theatre in April. I must try to arrange a crew screening at a London preview theatre before I ship it. Most of the people who helped make it have never seen it on the big screen. Andy, the composer, is particularly miffed about that. In fact, I don’t think he’s talking to me. Sigh.

The Car rushes are back in my hands again and I hope to get them transferred on to a portable fire-wire drive this weekend. I’m now the proud owner of a non-linear edit system which can apparently work in full broadcast resolution. I want post-production on this to be completed by the end of February.

That’s about it for now. Too much time has been wasted this week trying to get the PowerBook to talk to my PC’s printer over the wireless network I’ve set up. Still no joy after a week and I’ve started getting sidetracked into reading about UNIX. Reading up about OS X and the Rendezvous communication software, I keep thinking there must be a way of doing this without buying third-party applications.

Also, I keep telling myself I need a good protective case for the new PowerBook and then decide I really mustn’t spend any more money. I did the same thing with the first guitar I bought years ago–a really great secondhand Yamaha folk guitar with a beautiful tone. I carried it around in a soft bag until someone fell on it in a drunken stupor and broke the neck…

No. No more spending money. No. Definitely absolutely no. Uh uh. No way. Okay. Well. Maybe… a leetle bit…

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