And There’s More

We have some lights, thanks to Simon (writer) and a camera and some stock but no sound kit…

Silly me. The simple answer was to phone Four Corners and see if they had a DAT and a microphone, which of course they do. So we’ll be using that.

A free ad has been placed on Shooting People’s mailing list for the essential crew and Mike/Charlie has bought new sunglasses but now he wants some expenses. Well, whatever.

Now I think all we really need are some sarnies. And nice ones too. Not the overly margerined ones like we had another time but I can’t complain because I didn’t make them or pay for them. Except they weren’t, erm, ‘more-ish’.

Oh, and Andy wants a copy of the rough cut on VHS. And somehow I really ought to try figuring out how to make a DVD tonight so I can enter Cannes which has a deadline on Monday so that means doing it today. And then I could send it to Dani too and he might do some music. And and and…

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