It’s In The Can

And now it’s on the Mac. Just two days later, it’s on the computer and ready for me to edit. Unbelievable. And it all looks perfect too. The shots I thought were overexposed have a beautiful range of colour saturation, contrast and depth. I think they must have graded them a bit when they did the trasfer to videotape. Plus the sound is good and that’s from my previously inexperienced sound recordists. Okay, they had television and editing experience, but not ‘sound recording on a DAT’ experience. And Michael, the actor, is superb.

Je suis un auteur.

Okay, okay–so there is such a thing as too much smugness. One shot at the end with an extreme wideangle lens (the equivalent of a 16mm if this was 35mm photography) has lost the corners (vignetting). And the titles are a little bit soft in the focus department, but they can be redone on a clockwork camera (which I can borrow for free). Now, let’s just hope it all cuts together.

Oh, and Simon is making inquiries into getting a licence to use “Gone, Daddy Gone” for festival screenings, which would be uber cool.

Chikka Chikkaaa, Oh, Yeaaaaaahhhh!