Continuity Lesson

And now it’s on the Mac…

And now it’s cut up into bite (but not byte) sized chunks and logged and checked and… And, no, it wasn’t a very bright idea to replace Lionel’s original poster featuring The Scream with one featuring a picture of Lionel because he’d lost it. Because it looks very different.

It especially doesn’t have a rich red background at the top. And it’s the only thing in the shot apart from the actor in close-up. And I listened to Andy Martin when he said, “Let’s frame it so the whole thing’s in the frame rather than chopped off like you had it before.” So it’s even more of a blatant continuity error than it might have been.

Maybe no one will notice, except you, now that I’ve told you. Everyone should be watching the actor, shouldn’t they? And maybe I can cut out the other shots which feature the other poster so it all matches up.

You live and learn.

The rest of it cuts together pretty well, by the way. Just in case you were wondering.