Fade Away And Radiate

Simon the editor hasn’t been in touch for three weeks. No VHS has appeared in the post from him, despite being promised at the end of February. But who cares? I’ve finished editing The Car on Final Cut Pro and I’m satisfied that it’s good. So today I took the PowerBook down to London to meet up with Peter Hodges, the sound editor/rerecording mixer, and we spent the afternoon getting material on to his system.

Long story short, getting the audio info from an OSX to an OS9 Mac took us three hours (partly because neither of us understood the other’s computer fully) and eventually turned out to be as simple as burning a CD then doing a dub via firewire on to DVCAM tape. Peter now has everything he needs except music and I’m corresponding with a composer who seems to have done a lot of interesting work. I burned a DVD this afternoon and can make him a VHS from that.

It would have been cool to work with a composer in the US on this project but what with Simon keeping me hanging on for months, I don’t feel like I want to spend loads more time. No more of these two year film editing projects, ack. However (and with no trace of irony), I’ve transferred rushes on to the Mac for another short film, The Emporer And Death, which was shot about six years ago on BetaSP and I intend to start working on that next.

TEAD has lots of scope for using wacky visual effects as it’s an experimental dance/drama so I should get to use After Effects on it and learn about that too. The opportunity to learn something new is always a bonus. I just hope the very ‘proper’ British accent of the actress (in best received pronunciation) won’t put people off it. Meanwhile, I wonder if/when Simon will get in touch. Okay, I only wonder in an abstract way.

Oo, baby/Watchful lines/Vibrate soft/In brainwave time