Fight Club

I really enjoyed Fight Club. It was original and not what I was expecting at all. I like the fact that it had things to say about modern society as well as having a story–a quirky, off-beat story–to tell. And there were lots of great lines too.

From a film-making perspective, I think it shows how you can take a simple three-act structure and take the audience on a journey that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking. I’m not sure it has any real answers. It definitely leaves a few questions hanging, but that’s okay.

Overall, a fascinating study of a lunacy and a split personality at work. Two great lead actors and Helena Bonham-Carter’s best role/performance. I also appreciate the way the locations matched the central character’s inner psyche. Soul hollow hi-tech to start. Bleak community support groups. The crumbling house as he fell apart.

Actually, I remember the first time I saw this was on DVD and I’d just set up my living room with a large widescreen TV plus surround sound. The soundtrack blew me away. In the first few minutes… No, in the opening seconds, the second was awesome.

Can’t think what else at the moment. It’s a film that’s worth discussing, though, partly because it doesn’t resolve absolutely everything, only the central plot. And even that’s left a bit open–did he kill himself or did he kill Tyler? Did he just leave a hole in his cheek or is there one in his head?