Blog On

Just in case I pass this way again, just for the record, I’d like to blog that:

1. The Car is no further and no nearer audio post-production.

2. But it should be next week when Simon is due to get in touch.
3. Yes, we’ve heard that before.
4. The Ascalon Films website may soon get an overhaul
5. I’ve been learning Dreamweaver, After Effects and a smattering of Photoshop this week. Among other things, I can now make stuff fly around the screen, add snazzy rollover buttons to a website and create animated gifs.
6. The jeans I bought about six months ago and have worn perhaps twice are now three inches too large around the waist (inconceivable!) since for this past month I stopped eating chocolate (no, really), started drinking diet sodas (yes, I know) and… And, well, that’s about it.
7. I’ve also learned more about the Mac and can now backup important files (whoop) and use iCal better [You’re reaching here, aren’t you? Quit blogging already! – Ed]
8. X-Men 2 didn’t do it for me because I am becoming old and cynical (instead of merely young and cynical).

Oh, what a mad crazy merry-go-round existence I lead.