And Push Again

Make that 165. That’s how many cuts there are in Simon’s version of the film, so that’s how many clips I have. So far I’ve got back 120 of them. Just 40 left to do before I can reconstruct his edit. Then I can compare it with mine and put in the best bits of both…

Except that it didn’t work.

For some reason, my clips didn’t match up with the clips in Simon’s edit at all. Three days later and I’m back to square one. Today I’ve digitised Simon’s VHS as one long clip and will slice it up into small chunks (165 of them), then replace each chunk with my original material.

Or maybe we can just export everything from Avid on to a firewire drive and create a Final Cut Pro project from that material. Then I go to the online editor (Perry) and he redigitises the material at full digibeta resolution and I have a film.

Clear? Good.