David Aggerwhal’s Food Emporium

One of Ralph’s favourite scams was to get new reporters to write up a McDonald’s event. This would involve sending us down to the end of the street where this food emporium was situated and challenging us to come back with breakfast. For the whole office. The wizened Welshman even tried it when Lionel Birnie came over to provide holiday cover for a week.

Invariably this worked because the manager David Aggerwhal was a nice guy and we’d return laden down with Big Breakfasts.

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One Response to 'David Aggerwhal’s Food Emporium'

  1. Lionel Birnie Says:

    Ah yes… David Aggerwhal… that’s a name from the past! He was a nice bloke and he’d often chuck in a free Big Breakfast in exchange for sending a photographer down to their ‘family fun day’.

    I’m proud to have helped make a generation of St Albans children obese.