Twenty Four

That’s nice, isn’t it? They’ve delivered 24 cartons. The nice shipping people had an inventory of 27 items but they put all the cases of LP’s into one carton and the paintings into… Hold on! Where are the paintings? Yes, they have managed to lose the only things which can’t be replaced. I’d packed one of Jelena’s oil paintings separately so I have that but the others are gone daddy gone.

So that’s nice. Oh, and they arrived at 1.15pm.

Still most of my stuff is here now. We’re almost set for Saturday. Saturday! We’re getting married! Yay! It’s all really exciting. There’s some friends coming over from the UK which I’m delighted about, plus two of my cousins and my sister and her family. It’s going to be so great.

I have other stuff coming together such as my UofM application. And then there’s films to be found for Cinema Slam on February 3rd. Did I mention that I’m organizing that–the showcase of short films at the Michigan Theatre? So far I have about 30 minutes worth of material for a 90 minute programme but I’ve written to a few other film makers so it will all come together.

One cool development is that I wrote to the Rik Swartzwelder who made The Least Of These last year to say how much I enjoyed his film when I saw it at Filmstock in Luton. This week I wrote to ask if we could screen it here in Ann Arbor and he wrote back yesterday to say, yes, he remembered me and he’d be honored. Yay again! We’re going to have such a excellent show.