Happy Birthday To Me

We went to the spa for an hour to relax in a hot tub today. A Valentine’s gift from my beloved. Eschewing the promised delights of the traditional English patio–okay, “British Isles Garden”–we opted instead for the Aleutian Cabin, which had a fireplace. And a roof. As it turned out, we required neither. Hot tub–it’s not just a clever name. Ho, no.

Twice I’ve been in a hot tub before. First time was in Whistler where Lucy and I went skiing many years ago. Then there was snow on the ground and the hot water soothed out the kinks after a morning on the slopes. There was beer and whisky involved.

Second time was in California, staying at Kate’s. The same week I met Joseph in fact. This time was in a spa complex and beer is probited by some State code. Not to worry. There’s Canadian beer in the fridge here. There was more but now… Well, now it’s in me, of course.

Laura bought me a set of Black Adder DVD’s–no doubt as I keep saying how this is the best BBC TV series ever made and quoting it all the time. Very pleasing. And my sister sent a wedding gift which arrived this morning. A beautifully carved oak writing case. Very lovely. I must send her a thank you.

Other stuff:

Next Cinema Slam is well in hand. I have nearly all the films. Still waiting to hear if I’ve got a commission for a second documentary project. This one would be educational too and looks like great fun. No sign of the lights today, or the Sennheiser mic I bought off ebay. We noticed that the boards are down off the local Dairy Queen now, though, and they’re open for business. Must be summer. Kind of.

Right, we’re off to the Common Grill over in Chelsea now (yes, they’ve got a Chelsea here which, no, is not like the one in London). See ya! I’ll try to write up the experience of Michigan Women’s Basketball in the next day or two. For now, I’ll just note that it’s a very different game from watching men’s basketball. Like it’s played in a different gear or something.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Happy burfday keef. 40 big uns too wasn’t it? Forgot. Sorry.
    I’ll send the weddings photo CD too soon. Forgot. Sorry.
    Got to go now and find a new head. Should always screw your head on. Forgot. Sorry.

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