And Today…

Today I have a lighting kit. Three Mole Richardson lamps. A 350W and a 600W Fresnel plus a flourescent called a Biax which is based on color-corrected, full-spectrum Kinoflo lamps. There’s also a lightweight Lowell DP lamp, stands, clamps and a large flight case. It weighs 68lbs fully laden. It’s a good job I’ve got work coming up.

Yes, there is more work. In April, I’m off to Arizona to film part of a short film for a national charity. Laura is coming along to assist so we’re going to include a mini-holiday while we’re there. This is really exciting. I’ve never been to Arizona before. I’m expecting it will be hot. Maybe even dusty. I can barely lift the case of lights up (it has wheels), so I figure I’ll just take the DP light.

Tonight is a meeting of the Ann Arbor Screenwriters Group. I need to go along because I keep missing meetings and they’ll eventually forget what I look like. Fortunately there’s no homework assignment for tonight’s get together (there’s usually a script to read). I say fortunately as we’ve been so busy doing house stuff (ie. decorating) that homework would have been impossible.

And after that? This weekend I’m helping John film some commercials. Then I’ve got to get all the Cinema Slam films compiled on to a DVD. I’m trying to learn some more After Effects so I can include a cool animation to go with that.

In short: busy.

3 thoughts on “And Today…

  1. Hey happy birthday. I was wondering what Laura thought of the Blackadder DVDs (if you have had a chance to watch them). I remember talking to other colonials about this in the past and they were totally unimpressed, so I decided the appeal of Blackadder was that of the English laughing at the English. Discuss. Or ignore. Plus, how come so many cool things happen in Ann Arbour? Scriptwriters groups, arts cinemas etc. Wild. Alex’s missus told me she fancied trying for another baby. Not sure whether she’s told Alex yet so, naturally, I am telling you…

  2. I’ve only seen a few episodes so far, but I’ve generally enjoyed Blackadder, if only to explain all the bizarre phrases Keith uses all the time. I guess it was season 2 we watched; loved Queenie. Blackadder is pretty funny himself, too. The whole PBS-watching, left-leaning, NPR-listening, over-educated crowd tends to like British humor. Hmmm, have I just given myself away?

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