Critic’s Choice

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy in my entire life. We’re just back from the East Lansing Film Festival where we discovered The Car had gotten a great write up in the local paper and was selected as “Critic’s Pick”. That’s almost like another award, I’m thinking. To say the least, I was completely blown away.

I can’t find the laurels to make cool award-style graphics with but I can say it was a great weekend and adds up to two film festivals in one week (one of which–Ann Arbor–I wasn’t in, but hey). And coming up fast is Cinema Slam tomorrow night, which seems to be gathering momentum and getting increasingly popular.

Today’s been spent shooting a commercial for John’s sister and doing a recce for Artrain USA while Laura’s been hard at work with more painting at the new house, plus graphic design for tomorrow’s slam and the Ann Arbor Women in Computing group. Oh, and she’s helped me with some subtle redesign of the Ascalon Films logo in preparation for getting some crew T-shirts made.

Cinema Slam looks like it’s going to be really popular tomorrow. I met one of the filmmakers up in East Lansing and he’s bringing a whole group of people with him.

Among other great movies, we also have a very cool film titled Death Star Repairmen which I found on the internet and contacted the filmmaker to ask if we could include it. Nice guy named Darryl from Canada. He said, “Yes!”. For those of you miles away, I’ll post a link on the site after the event. Oh, and we got Bananaman which was made by a student at the U of M. The guy who made that is going places!

Plus, of course, there’s my own first venture into shooting in the USA: American Short Film which has a great script and should make people laugh.

Tomorrow’s another house painting day plus the electric guy is coming round to wire up all the rooms for cable and ethernet. Wednesday is fingerprinting at the immigration services in Detroit. Yes, they fingerprint residents who aren’t citizens here. Civil liberties. Bwahahaha! Kind of pointless, though, as it’s so cold you have to wear gloves all the time in Michigan.

Later, on Wednesday afternoon, there’s more filming with the first day of shooting at Artrain USA. Thursday: even more filming. Friday: even more painting. Saturday: furniture moving. Sunday: filming again. There’s also at least two parties in there. Okay, three.

I’d love to write up some more about the A2 Film Fest and the East Lansing Film Fest. We watched tons of films. Great people. Great movies. We danced and partied to 1.30am on Saturday then stayed in a motel. I was horribly hung over from Black Cutter whisky but got invited to join a panel of visiting directors on Sunday morning to answer questions. I think I was outspoken and possibly coherent. Who knows.

I’m worn out. Laura’s out at a meeting and I’m letting the boys stay up late to watch TV. Does this make me a good step dad or a bad influence? Possibly both. Life is good. Busy. But good. And, hey, it’s stopped snowing!