Keeping It Reel

Nothing beats a great reel. And this, my friends, is a production company with a great reel.

I’ve been busy and hence putting off getting a showreel together. But we went to a Chamber of Commerce networking meeting this morning and as I’m handing out business cards, I’m thinking to myself (not for the first time) that not only do I neeeeeed a reel, but I really ought to overhaul the Ascalon Films website.

It could happen. It will.

Meanwhile, for more cool stuff, go to Ridley Scott Associates site and check out the directors’ reels there. One caveat: it *will* resize your browser. I hate that. But it’s worth it.

One thought on “Keeping It Reel

  1. Hey Keith!

    Yeah — cool stuff, that. And I love the ending of the teaser with Sean Connery’s lines from Highlander…nice touch.

    I was working on my demo reel last week. Rush job. Writer/Producer I know is getting ready to put together a 30-second teaser to pitch his idea for a pilot. Would I be interested? (of course!) Can I get him tape to take with him to this meeting by tomorrow? (errr….urm…SURE!)


    So — How many technical snafus do you think we encountered while importing/exporting VHS footage into Avid across two different platforms…?

    Long & Short of it — a two hour op took more than all day, but I got him a tape. Now, waiting to hear back (waiting to exhale…)

    Was thinking of you this past weekend… Spent it in a film scheduling/budgeting seminar with Ralph Singleton & Burt Bluestein. Good info — couple of knowledgeable cats, those two. Not the most dynamic presentation, but man, could they give you good stories and case examples of how things get done! Also saw a pretty cool demo for software that helps with it all — Gorilla. If you don’t know it, go here:

    Sunday, we found out my writing/producing partner won the Emmy for Best Editing (daytime).

    Onwards & Upwards!

    Hope you both are well!


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