Impending Benji

So, Benji is coming in about five minutes. Benji is coming on a week long internship to find out about filmmaking. I don’t have a chair for him. Or a desk. Or a computer. Or a pair of headphones. So, Benji is going to sit and watch me edit or something and not hear any sound. Anyway, I think he just drove past the house. And not for the first time.

Benji is hopefully bringing his parents laptop so we can plug him into the network, wirelessly. I forgot we don’t have a router. Ah, that might be him again, driving past in a golden orange car. Benji will be collecting posters and programs for Cinema Slam, methinks. And I was thinking about teaching him to use photoshop so he can forge an ID card and go out for beer.

It’s Benji time.

2 thoughts on “Impending Benji

  1. Ha ha. Poor old Benji doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for. I remember turning up at Keith’s house once and saying “What do you need me to do, then?”

    B-i-i-g mistake

  2. I still don’t know why we didn’t decide to decorate the office this week. “Hey, Benji! First thing you gotta know about filmmaking is how to scrape a ceiling!” Although, as it happens, we’re getting quite a bit of editing done and other stuff. It’s hard to slack off when you’ve got someone looking over your shoulder. Heh.

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