One Wedding and Four Funerals

This week I’m working on a film about poet and undertaker Thomas Lynch. Actually, I’m doing the lighting for Robin Browne, a cinematographer friend of Geoff Glover, who did the camerawork for my first short film, Last Train.

This has meant I’ve seen my second body, lying out in the funeral home. As we were carrying cases down the stairs, I craned my neck to have a look. The relatives looked back at me, lugging all these heavy boxes. I kept a sombre expression and resisted the temptation to say, “Spare parts.” Which was good.

Also this week we’ve been to see David Byrne, touring with the Tosca Strings. It was awesome. There was dancing. Which was kind of precarious on the two foot of space available up in the balcony at Ann Arbor’s Power Center venue.

And last night I went to see Mel Gibson’s The Passion. I thought it was pretty faithful to the Bible, the sadistic violence was representative of the time, the plebians were indeed sheep and the Latin/Aramaic dialogue stopped it devolving into Python’s parody or a string of soundbites.

Wait. There’s more. Candide has now been edited and a disk delivered to Russ at the theater. Sunday evening was spent recording music over in Detroit. Somewhere. I have no idea where, really. This was music for the Artrain project. Tuesday I met up with an artist friend over in Royal Oak. Life is busy, as usual. Magical. Moving.

Next up, maybe we can convince Anthony to help us finish painting our fence with his sprayer. Maybe we’ll go to see The Chronicles of Riddick and the new Spider-Man movie in the next few days. And go to the Ann Arbor summer festival to hang out and hear live music. And and and. Maybe it’s time for a beer.