Between Cars

Today we’re out looking at cars. Mum’s inheritance was cleared into my bank account yesterday and the pound buys $1.80+ which is a historical high, so we have some latitude. Cars…

The contenders are the Pontiac Grand Prix – a sports sedan, comfortable, racy, stylish, handles beautifullay and which we both *love* to drive – or the Malibu Maxx – a spacious family hatchback with loads of features for the boys (absent in the Pontiac) and a similar sized engine to the Grand Prix.

Earlier in the year, we went to the Auto Show in Detroit. Another car on our shortlist was the Toyota Prius – the gas-electric hybrid which boasts incredible mileage to the gallon. However, I’ve since found out that the Prius only runs on premium grade gas, not regular, and the mpg is a leetle exaggerated for city driving, so the fuel savings aren’t as great as we first thought, although still there.

Next year, the car companies are all bringing out a new range of hybrid cars. However, August is apparently a great time to buy because the dealers are trying to get rid of their end of year models. Next years cars actually start coming out now, so they don’t want older stuff sitting on the lot costing them money.

The other question is whether or not to keep Laura’s Honda Accord. We kind of feel that if we get the Maxx then we’d use both cars, although mainly the Maxx. However, if we got the Grand Prix, neither of us would want to drive the Accord. What does that tell you? I’m not sure.

Today, at least, we have what is one of the best dilemmas you could wish for.