First Day Of School

Kids go back to school today in Ann Arbor. Jack starts the fourth grade, Sam’s in the second. For some (obscure) reason they didn’t start yesterday (Monday) so they spent the day going completely mental around the house. Laura took them to Target to buy new lunch boxes. Jack’s is Mutant Ninja Turtles while Sam’s is a Thermos brand which seems an odd choice for a seven year old until you realise it was the one with the most “stuff”.

Anyway, it’s the first day of school and, of course, we’re late. But not that late. It doesn’t matter because the streets around Lawton Elementary are choked up with parked parents’ cars. Everyone has come to see their little precious off on their precious first day. The parking lot looks like an SUV dealership and precious mommy and daddy are recording the precious moments.

Honestly, it was camcorder city this morning. We’re the Slacker Family, so no camcorders or cameras for us–just lunch boxes–but at least a third of the other parents were recording the event for posterity. Whatever “posterity” means. They were ahead of the kids to capture them walking down the corridor, then they were in the classrooms, recording them finding their coat hooks and desks.

Can you imagine when they’re ever going to watch this video again? Obviously they’ll email a copy to granny and grampa–“Gosh, durn, lookit dem kids, Martha! Dey’s all growed up!” “Dunno why they need that big car, Bill, if they never come visit…” After that, maybe they use it as a threat in later years. “If you’re not home by eleven, I’ll show your date your first day at school!” “Awww, Mom! Not again!” Yeah, that must be it. It’s the only plausable explanation for this OTT behaviour.

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  1. “Gosh, durn, lookit dem kids, Martha! Dey’s all growed up!”

    Hey stop quoting us in southern dialect. You’re in Yankee country here.

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