Quotes Of The Day

Culled from The Motley Fool discussion boards:

“Hey, at least I have the pleasure of saying ‘monkey boy’ for four more years.”

“Last time the Republicans had to lie, cheat and steal to win the election. This time they only had to lie. So consider it an improvement.”

“President Bush received more votes than any candidate in history.
So did John Kerry.”

“I’m not happy about the Prize the American people are getting, but they won.”

“In some sense, there are no winners either way. We’ve got a divided country.”

And finally…

“The old dems dominated this country for MANY years by doing one thing but doing it VERY well, We LISTENED! We listened to what john and jane average american were saying. We werent so busy shouting AT them as ya’ll appear to be. We were in touch with what they actually believed and wanted. And we figured out ways to give it to them. We had an actual partnership with the people of the country.

“We didn’t SNEER at the opinions of the working public but treated them with respect. Whether Bush wins again or not is moot. The very fact that he is as unpopular in some ways as he is and that he has given Kerry everything he can handle and more, proves that ya’ll just don’t get it. PLEASE fix this in the next four years as I really have had all the neocon politics that I can tolerate….ok?”
[this last one by a poster named bundoriyagyu]