Pimping Portman

Looks like young Natalie has had a haircut.

By the way, this site now podcasts more than it blogs. Use the gizmo on the right hand side of the screen to hear the latest blather.

3 thoughts on “Pimping Portman

  1. Podcast. Brilliant. Nightmare. Good. Lingering shots on dripping taps and lighting cigarettes. Bad. Brokeback Mountian. Long. Cuddling Cowboys. Alternative title. Buggering Bandits. Wrong. Author Margaret Attwood was on TV today. She’s invented the Long Pen. She says: “It’s like a pen but it’s long.” My invention. The short pig. It’s like a pig. But it’s short. I need my own blog for this effluent.

  2. Ah, your podcasts. They have that unmistakeable and slightly nostalgic quality. They remind me of a 12-year-old boy who’s got his first tape recorder for Christmas and is pretending he has a radio show.

    Exactly what I would have expected from you, Keef, keep it up.

    And give my regards to Stephen Soderbergh. That was him, wasn’t it? I recognise the voice

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