What’s Next?

The snow’s falling softly outside. Which makes you think. What would snow be like if it fell loudly? What if it didn’t absorb sound but reflected it back like a canyon? What if canyons absorbed sound instead? This is the kind of weirdness that experimental filmmakers should be exploring and sending to Ann Arbor Film Festival. Mostly though, they’re just sending cack. Now that everyone has a camcorder and a computer, they think they’re all filmmakers. They aren’t.

Which brings me to my new year resolutions…

This year I’m thinking that I should resolve the following:

1. Start making a feature film. Which means…
2. Get the best script possible that can be shot in Michigan.
3. Make at least $36,000 from Ascalon Films clients.
4. Learn to edit on Avid and get more freelance work.
5. Work with Beth Winsten on the Tom Lynch project.
6. Reduce my weight down to 180-185lbs (and thereby reduce my blood pressure) through a combination of better diet, exercise and less alcohol.
7. Be even more confident in my own abilities and experience. At the same time, recognize my limitations and delegate to others where appropriate.
8. Accept people for what they are and not for who I’d like/want/need them to be. As part of that, accept that there are a lot of stupid people in the world and don’t waste time on them.

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