Today I discovered that “Blackhats” are the people who write “Malware” and there’s a whole section of folks dedicated to “Hacking Google”. One of these guys gave a talk which was, honestly, the best thing in a conference about computer security that I happened to be filming for the University of Michigan. He was funny. He was entertaining. He *got the point* that giving a lecture is NOT about reading several pages as if it’s a book recital. Phew.

My intern, Jeff—did I mention I currently have an intern?—actually got to do camera and some vision switching. So he was pleased. I was up at 5.40am, so I was just tired. Another project I’ve been working on as editor—Beth Winsten’s “Undertakings” film about author/undertaker Thomas Lynch—was finished today at Grace & Wild. I couldn’t go because (see above).

Michigan Theater wants a new promo film to help them raise money. I’m the resident filmmaker so I get to do it. Yay! I’ve launched a mini-screenplay contest for John Ardussi, Jim Selleck, Norm Roth and Bob Fox. So far, Norm and Jim are the only ones who’ve written back. I see Russ at the theater tomorrow, so I guess it’s between them and Russ which film gets made. I want Michael Kuentz to help me film but he may have a job, so I’m waiting to hear from him while he waits to hear about this other thing.

Yesterday I spent the day setting up a friend’s new secondhand Mac for them. Incidentally, and digressing as I do, today’s seminar folks reminded us that Macs aren’t immune from viruses. It’s just more people have Microsoft so that’s made Windows more attractive to hackers. Now that Apple has a ten percent market share, it could change. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Which is, of course, the American Mantra™. “Be Afraid. Feel the Fear. Buy Stuff!”

Well, anyways, it occurs to me, having spent yesterday setting up the Mac, that not everyone is as computer literate as me. And I, my friends, am far from computer literate. But how to explain to someone in the morning the difference between RAM and a hard-drive. Then in the afternoon, explain to them how to manage the media in a Final Cut Pro project. I guess I learned it sometime but, like “right click”, it’s just not something I think about any more.

Sunday we went out and watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the Michigan. I thought it was excellent. Laura’s opinion differed somewhat. Ah, but she indulges me. I love it when I’m indulged. I go now to watch The Thin Man and drink gin, or maybe vodka. Haven’t decided which. Have I mentioned I was up at 5.40am? I need indulging.