NYC: Seeing Green

As I look up at the painted and pannelled ceiling, marvel at the splendid chandeliers and see a beautiful blue sky through large arched windows I can only think that this is very pleasant. New York Public Library also equals free internet access. Marvellous.

St Patrick’s Day. Went to the parade, saw some paraders, gazed at the gamut of green hats, ear-rings, face paint, necklaces, you name it. Then went to a bar. In fact several bars.

For any of you Brits travelling out here there are a handful of things you need to know about drinking in bars. Firstly, it is painfully expensive. If you thought a London pint was expensive at two pounds fifty, try three, four or even five pounds on four size.

Second, most places serve 16 ounce pints. This means you can drink lots of them without falling over. US citizens please note — a pint in the United Kingdom is 20 ounces. Four is about my limit but then I’m a lightweight and admit. When I’ve had four I’m usually talking complete cobblers (unlike normal? shh…) or being very loud or being very sincere or dancing.

Third thing to note is you need to tip the barman. This seems odd coming from England (where you don’t need to tip anyone) but the reality is that the guy is not being paid or is getting something like $2 an hour so your tip is his wages. Those ‘free beers’ he occasionally gives you are cheap even with the tip.

Finally, you can talk to people in bars here and it’s not weird. So enjoy! I did.

Okay, I gotta go, 30 minutes free access time is up.