Celluloid Dreams III

“What we’ll do is get it done on Tuesday and Wednesday and mix it down to a Dolby 5.1 surround, then (yadda yadda yadda)…” Yeah yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. God, I’m unimpressed and that’s an understatement.

Was I unimpressed? Was I? No really, was I?

Okay, so the sound guy called me in the week and said, “Saturday, definitely Saturday.” Then I spoke to him on Friday and he said, “Michelle can’t do Saturday, so it’ll have to be Sunday.” I just phoned him and he said, “I’ve just spoken to Michelle and she can’t do tomorrow, so it’ll have to be during the week. But we will get it done.”

Bzzzt, click. “We will get it done!” Bzzzt, click. “We will get it done!” Bzzzt, click. “We will get it done!” As I try to disengage this scratched CD that is film postproduction, I am vaguely aware that he is lining up the next shot. He gets the cue solidly behind it, bangs into the white and pots a conversational colour: “I’m going away next weekend so we’ll have to get it done next week.”

I dance a little jig, it is such a joy. No really, it is.