Wearing Them Down

I call. They stall. I call. They stall. I call. They stall. It can’t really go on like this but it does. The irresistable force. The immovable object. Maybe this week I’ll break through. Drip drip drip drip. I’m wearing a hole in it, I’m sure.

Yesterday I went down to the graphics people again. They’ve put lovely evil quirky hands on the ampersand (&) of Fate & Fortune and it looks wicked. I’m heartened again by that. I tell them of a website I’ve found with famous movie fonts and suggest we try the typeface from the modern Romeo and Juliet using lowercase vowels and uppercase for consonants. I email the font to them and the website address. Later I notice that the Romeo font is no longer available on that site, so I hope the email works.

Neg cutters: Andy is back for two weeks to help them. I speak to him. He says he’ll see if he can find what’s happened to the EDL I gave him for Last Train. He’ll call me back…

Sound Fate & Fortune: I speak to Michelle directly on the phone. The mixdown will be this coming Saturday. I’ll go in at 4.30pm and we’ll continue from there until it’s done. Foolishly I leave a contact number for where I’ll be on Saturday morning “in case anything comes up”. Doh. No oh no. Now there’s a way for her to get out of doing it. Again.

Sound Last Train: I speak to the other re-recording mixer, Peter Hodges. He’s made a DAT. He’s delivering it to Ted at the lab.

So, I need one audio mix, two sets of graphics, one EDL for checking against a cut negative and one EDL for cutting the negative but I can’t get that together until I get my tape back off Michelle on Saturday. Festival deadlines come and go but there really is nothing more I can do. I still feel the need for some new way to stir things up and keep myself going. I phone the Directors Guild and ask them to send me a membership pack.

For this week, that’s it.