Films And Teeth

Film update: I actually paid for the graphics for Last Train on Thursday. We’re now using a different typeface, something called Blur, which is absolutely perfect. They’re going to do a test to see if it works on the credits as well as the titles. Then it’s all systems go. The titles and credits go to the neg cutters. Then the neg goes to the lab where it’s graded (ie. made to look exceptionally pretty) and then I get a print. Job done. Almost there…

Cost of graphics, btw, was �950 including VAT. Ugh. That’s the biggest chunk of money I’ve had to part with in one go in the whole post production process. Hello large overdraft!

Teeth update: After going on earlier this year about how my wonderful cornflower blue-eyed lady dentist had moved, I finally made an appointment for a check-up with the new guy. The letter from the surgery said he was German which I thought didn’t bode well, but having heard some horror stories recently about not going for years, it was that or nothing.

So I went. And guess what? He was okay. Yes, he’s a really nice guy (or a thoroughly decent chap as some might say), friendly and chatty and had the radio playing in the surgery (which I think is always a good sign even though I know it’s a psychological thing they do). And he said my teeth are fine, in perfect condition. He scaled and polished and then I went off on my way grinning–nay, beaming!–from ear to ear. What a relief!

I was so pleased that I stopped at Waitrose, the most expensive supermarket in St Albans, on the way home and bought a month’s worth of really delicious food. The sun is out and shining brightly, so lots of salad things went into the trolley. Plus a couple of bottles of wine. Life is good!