Letters And Numbers

Went to see Martin at Cine Image this lunchtime and he showed me print test with closing credits for Last Train set in the font I’ve decided on–Blur, really cool and absolutely perfect. It is spot on target (to recycle an old phrase) so gave the okay to shoot it and then it goes off to neg cutters and then we have a film at the lab and can grade it and get a print. And that will require some more money and the overdraft facility has erupted like a volcano this month with work on the car and household bills and a little camping trip and so on and so forth. So…

Next I went into town and got some leaflets about the current mortgage rates because the Bank of England (treasury) base rate is currently only five percent and my mortgage is seven, so I figure there’s a better deal to be had. In fact, I’ve already had a friend tell me I can fix my rate at about five and a half percent for two years with one building society but that depends on lots of factors like property value and amount of equity and stuff.

Anyway, what I’m thinking is, get the flat (apartment) revalued and find out it’s worth shedloads more than I paid for it (at least �20k more in the past five years, I’m hoping. Maybe even thirty). Then put all debts including existing indebtedness from films into new mortgage and get enough money to pay for prints and still wind up with less outgoings every month because the interest on my loan currently is a monster while the credit card debt has had offspring.

So next step is an estate agent is calling around on Saturday afternoon to give me a valuation on the property and that means panic panic tidy up like mad and make it look as spacious as possible and get those piles of books and videotapes off the staircase and where can I put all these cassettes? Cassettes everywhere! Hundreds of them. Where did they all come from?

Needless to say I’ve spent most of the afternoon now playing old tapes that I’d forgotten about. I didn’t realise Sheryl Crow had got so stretched and, oh look, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack (“Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.”) and Blondie ‘Plastic Letters’ and the Thompson Twins, which I always play when I’m decorating because of that song, ‘Bouncing like a ball’–“You’re the kind of person I could look across to say I love you…”–and Grace Jones and The Stranglers and is that Billy Bragg? And Future Sound of London ‘Lifeforms’–“Everything/Everything/Everything/Everything…”? What a lot of David Bowie…

Yes, more procrastination and drip drip drip progress and soon soon… soon…

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