Click Click II

Hot news from Ascalon Films

(1) I called the sound re-recording mixer yesterday and she said the studio is back to back with bookings at the moment, which means they even use it overnight.

(2) the re-recording mixer called me up today and said, “Oh, sorry, I was just checking to see who had called my mobile and calling them back.”

(3) One of the lead actors from Fate & Fortune called and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not calling to hassle you about the film. I just wondered if you had a contact number for the manor house location we used. Oh, and by the way, how is it going?” We laughed, we joked, I hung my head in shame and admitted it still wasn’t finished.

(4) Erm, that’s about it. Well, Paul, my old school friend called round and he’s working on a movie called Deep which is a ghost story set on a submarine and it’s directed by the guy who did Pitch Black. So I was interested in that and will try to go and have a poke around the set in the next couple of weeks.