Grasping The Lightning

How many times have you been struck by lightning? Not many? Not any? But how many times have you had the power of lightning coursing through your body? Different thing. I think when we’re doing certain things that are natural to us, it’s akin to having the power of a blinding white lightning bolt crackling through us. It might be things that we really want to do or things we’re particularly good at.

It’s like standing in the middle of a summer storm and knowing that you are, for a few moments at least, running the show.

Most of the time and for most of our lives what we do is like playing with static electricity. There’s a bit of a charge, maybe the odd small shock. Maybe we can stick a balloon to the ceiling or some other minor miracle once in a while. Sometimes when it’s dark we can see sparks around us when we take off an item of woollen clothing. That’s more or less it. Day to day life is buzzing static.

Grasping the lightning is different. Grasping the lightning means feeling it flowing through you and around you, ready to arc out and change the universe in an earth shattering blast. Grasping the lightning means there may well be a clap of thunder as you unleash your own charged up power. It’s that profound.

Respect for your abilities from those around you charges you up. The common desire to get something done provides the atmosphere where the electricity can flow. Shared love for each other and the whole project energises the whole team allowing something to happen. And the thunderclap might not be audable in a real sense, but its aftershocks and resonancies can be perceived just as well.

Directing, I always feel the times when it works best. When it really is a profound moment of supercharged teamwork. When I have a dedicated motivated team around me, everyone carrying their assigned role to the best of their abilities, there can come a point where my work is done and I am the energizing energized observer. We are ready to create something that up until that point was a series of thoughts and ideas.

Once I’ve set everything up to get the results I need, it’s up to the technical crew to carry out the mechanical process of recording the scene according to my directions and the actors to inject their own energy. At that point, sometimes, often for less than a minute although it can feel like forever, I grasp the lightning. Electricity flows through us. White light. Pure thought flowing into action, flowing into existence.

White light. Creating a new reality.

I saw an excellent documentary at the weekend about people who chase storms, either because they’re meteorologists gathering data or film makers getting footage or just plain barmy. There was material shot from the space shuttle of lightning storms over the African continent. It was really beautiful with these blooms of white electric light exploding silently, first one, then another then another. Sometimes they were close together, sometimes they were hundreds of miles apart. Despite the massive distances involved they were clearly part of the same system.

It struck me that this happens in the Earth’s atmosphere because of the ability of water particles to become charged. And thinking laterally, most of our body is made up of water. So I wonder if it’s likely that we’re going to experience storms like this too within and across our bodies, for no other reason than that we contain water and iron too (the central constituent of haemoglobin in our blood).

I was also reading something about magnetosphere powered spacecraft. The idea there is that a small craft is surrounded by a large magnetic field which is in turn pushed by the solar wind–the stream of ions and other charged particles racing out of the sun. Now, another piece of lateral thinking, and it’s reasonable to suppose that we each have some form of electro-magnetic field of our own if we have all these easily charged water particles and rapidly moving ferrous material (haemoglobin) in our bodies.

So I was thinking, one of my friends has been studying aura healing and even though it sounds a bit far-fetched, it does seem to have an effect. And it might actually be based on electromagnetic fields. And when one person’s aura (em field) moves through another it has an effect. And remembering that light itself is an electromagnetic effect, there’s no reason to suppose that the receptors in our eyes might not be able to adjust to pick up some of the aura em field if it’s in the right part of the spectrum (ie. one that could cause a change in eye receptor chemicals).

In other words, there might actually be some scientific basis of auras and how they work and this is outside of traditional studies of brain chemistry and transmission of nerve impulses and I was wondering if anyone in the world is studying this. I guess at some point I’ll look into it a bit deeper, but if anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to share.

I also suspect that astrology, if it really does have any effects, would work in the same way–through electromagnetic fields. The fields generated by astronomical bodies with an iron core fill up most of interplanetary space. So even though the planets themselves are very small, their effects can be huge. A follow on from this would be that we wouldn’t expect some bodies in our solar system such as Mars or the Moon to have much of an effect as their magnetospheres are extremely weak.

Okay, that’s enough thinking aloud for now. Like I say feel free to share any related thoughts, whether they’re on storms, auras, astrology or the solar system at large.