Fully Saturated

Fully saturated colour, that is. I went along to have a look at the Last Train answerprint prepared by the grader on Thursday and I have to say, it looks beautiful. Well, except for a few cutaway shots of trains that we filmed by available light (ie. streetlights). So, I’ve asked him to match some other shots with those (Geoff won’t be totally pleased as I degrade his beautiful images but still) and the next stage will be the blow up to 35mm. Mmmm nice.

Meanwhile to pay for these things, the money from my remortgage has come through. Hooray! How nice to have a random �26,000 sitting in your bank account. I’ve paid off my production-incurred loan and my credit card this morning, my overdraft is settled… and somehow I’ve misplaced the bill for neg cutting. Whoops. Well, I’m sure it will turn up though. The main thing is, the money is definitely there so the films can definitely be paid for.

In other news, Simon, the editor for both films has found someone who can sort out the EDL for Fate & Fortune for me as well. This is a good thing. It means that we can crack on with the neg cutting once that’s done and then get a long way towards a print. I’m assuming the lab quote is still valid, given that it is about six months old.

I am beyond patience with the audio postproduction people, though. I called them last weekend and they said this weekend. I called them on Thursday and they were out. Left a message. No reply. I called them today. Left another message. Still no reply. I just want the original audio tapes back now so I can go somewhere else. This seems to be a lot to ask. Nevertheless I will keep calling.

In short, I am breaking out the bunting for film one while shaking my fist in the air over film two simultaneously. It’s kind of like a gothic party. Have fun but wear black.