Cool By Association

I have been busy getting 50 VHS copies of my film made to send out to the cast and crew–and 50 tapes make you realise how far you really live from the station when you walk home with half of them in a big bag.

I’ve also been finding out all about webhosting and preparing publicity material. I got in touch with KQED in San Francisco because they accept films from around the world and I can send them a video and I look for similar stations. I contact Whatever Pictures, the co-producers and talk to them about arranging screenings and distribution–their end of the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Plus I installed Photoshop 6.0 on my PC the other day and spent several hours last night playing around with it to make a video cover. So many new effects, so little time. Eventually I acheived something satisfactory at about 1.30am. And that means I’ve only had about three hours sleep. But…

But I discovered a really cool thing that will be of interest to practically nobody. The typeface (Blur) we used for the graphics on Last Train is a new design by cutting edge British typographer Neville Brody. Neville Brody is the ‘bad boy’ of graphic design who came to fame with his lettering work on a magazine called The Face in the eighties…

This is probably more information than anyone needs except what does it mean? Well, it means Last Train is even cooler than I thought and therefore I am cool by association. Possibly.

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