What’s Inspiring

There’s this urge in me to write… to write something… something inspiring. Brain fog. The words get jumbled and the thoughts confused. Here are my jumbled thoughts of today. How do we go forwards? We can’t go backwards. Yet there’s so much over-reaction. What we really need is to step sideways and look from the outside.

Yet there is an over-abundance of rhetorical analysis and anything I have to say, anything I might have thought, will have been thought of and said already. Serendipity and plagiarism and inspiration from peers and sources. These are the tools of today’s creative outburst.

Is GWB the best leader to take the world to peace? The guy who wanted Star Wars and wanted to dismantle nuclear treaties and build nuclear power plants and shunned the Kyoto summit and being part of a unified world? Maybe he’s just on a fast learning curve is all. Maybe he’s the leader who’s needed right now to fight a fight.

One world, global unity, seems like the inevitable and right answer to all the questions meanwhile.

Doubts flicker, Tony Blair talks sense, refugees stand up and shout in the streets where they have freedom to do so and we are all somehow guilty for crimes we didn’t commit but crossed the road to avoid. Confucious: ‘The definition of cowardice is to see what is right and to not do it.’ Yet what of the risk to personal safety? No answers.

So, what’s inspiring? What moves us forward into the new dawn? It is to see the sun, our star, set red gold purple crimson down on another day. It is to look at our short short history and see how far we have come in such a short time. The last minute of the last hour of the first day of Earth’s history. This is but a second and we move on.

Step sideways, know that the over-reaction and anxiety and paralysing fear will continue for but a moment and then we will continue to breathe, place one foot in front of the other and end the paralysis. This will become the past. Another country. They do things differently there.