It Must Be Fate

Yes. Fate & Fortune is now cut. Yes, the neg cutting is done as of today complete with titles and credits and the film should be at the lab. With any luck I’ll be able to see a mute print later really soon.

Mute, you say? Mute, you say, with no trace of a smile at the inherent oxymoron in those three conjoined words. Hoho. Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point. Yes. It has no sound. Why? Because nice Peter, who mixed the sound for Last Train has offered to do a Dolby Surround remix for Fate & Fortune.

Yes, the person who made Last Train sound superb is willing to help with this film too. His comment was something along the lines that the pictures were such high quality it deserved a little more work on the sound. So the soundtrack will be put on later and the audio will be worthy of the visuals. Hooray!

I am very very pleased.

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