News In Brief

Location location location

Pendley Court Theatre’s box office
looks set to appear as a police
station lobby in short film, The
after producers successfully
contacted the theatre company this

Cast of thousands

Four talented and experienced actors
have agreed to appear in The Car
–but it’s not two in the front, two
in the back. That would be elephants
in a Mini.

Stage and screen veteran Blair Plant
will appear as Charlie, a driver who
takes the law into his own hands when
his prized Porsche disappears in a
sleepy village.

Multi-award winning Jack Wood is to
be the policeman who gives me more
grief than help, and they’re supported
by Doreen Steward as The Old Lady
and Sarah Strachan as Young Woman.

Ready for their close ups

Professional television make-up artist
Christine Nicklin will be on hand to
make sure everyone looks their best
in the latest Ascalon Films drama.

“I hope I’ll be able to do any blood
effects this time,” commented an
enthusiastic Christine, who was
disappointed when a last-minute
decision was made to scrap pointed
ears she’d prepared for a car salesperson
in a previous film.

Lights! Camera!

Negotiations are underway with AFL
Television to provide a van load of
shooting kit free of charge for The
Producers are hopeful to
repeat the pattern of previous films
where AFL have provided both the
electrician and the electrics for
more than just a spark of creativity.
Pun hunters remain on high alert after
that last weak shock.

Who ate all the pies?

Large pie-holes could be shut around free
food if screenwriters from Goober Scripts
follow through on their promise to
provide catering for cast and crew
members during the three day shoot
for The Car. “Yeah, no problem,”
said one Simon, “we can do that.”
Magic eight balls says, “Wait and see.”