Fate Goes To Pinewood

British Society of Cinematographers (the people who put BSC after their names in the feature film credits) had a screening of Fate & Fortune at Pinewood Studios yesterday evening. Really cool to see the 35mm print projected up on a big screen. And Preview Theatre 7 is a huge screen. The sound is so much better than on video too. You can hear all the reverb and weird echo effects.

Pete’s girlfriend Kerrie was looking around at the assortment of high-powered old duffers and attractive young women. She turns to us and asks, “So… Who are all these people?” Pete, glances round, takes it in and replies. “Muggles.” Then they ran the films.

Q&A session afterwards. They wondered why I’d remortgaged my house instead of asking for more freebees. This is the film where the first sound editor missed out a load of effects, the original re-recording mixer took a year to do a stereo mix and one of the main actors died waiting for it to be finished. By then, I just wanted it done.

Great audience to screen for at the BSC as I consider F&F to be a filmmaker’s film. Andy the DP joined me for the Q&A, while Neil the focus puller kept spotting imperfections in things that looked perfect to me. Denise, the lead actress, brought a friend and they sneaked out when these high-profile camera types got into a lengthy talk about the merits or otherwise of shooting on video.

Twenty five people took a postcard away. No idea who but will check the latest hits on the website. Met Geoff Glover, who shot Last Train. He called me the next day to say he’d enjoyed it. Dennis Lawson (actor) had shot the other film of the evening with Ewan McGregor, Solid Geometry, which was produced on DigiBeta (and it showed). He said good things to me afterwards too.

Beers afterwards at a pub in the middle of nowhere. Lock-ins but they stopped serving. Got a ride in my friend Mario’s new BMW Z4. Chalk him up a few points for not living in the real world. Nice car, though.

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