Tap On The Head

It’s official. My brain is now full. There’s no room for any more stuff. Sorry.

Today, take back crappy Weston light meter and trade for a more expensive Gossan light meter which works. Visit school which will be police station interior and sketch office area which has gym socks laying on counter and urchins milling around. Finish doing very badly drawn storyboards which will convey impression to cast and crew of what I’m trying to film.

Then work. Incredibly busy two hours followed by… nothing. Zen moment. Quiet. Peace. But brain too full to appreciate it. Resolve to slack off as much as possible later. Try to access internet and the whole system is cuffed up. Pause and reflect on the Zen.

Outside a grey tower block looms concrete and glass skywards. A summation of aspiration which neither dignifies nor inspires. Great views from the inside maybe but from outside, nothing but square-cornered stretched-cube ugly. And the views will all be of a sprawling urban jungle, jostling and bustling, choking a little on its exhalations, yet somehow vibrant and creative.

Full brain can’t even contemplate those things right now. Can’t measure the distinction between needs and wants either, as Zen brain had pondered doing yesterday. Can only pour words out from the top of the head through the overflow valve. Far less appealing than some kind of distilled knowledge flowing, yet maybe tappity-tap something here will give me pause for thought later.

Tap tap. Where do the random socks come from that end up on office desks? Tap tap. Why does everyone try to do a whole days work between three o’clock and five? Tap tap. Life is for living not for working towards a retirement. Tip tap.

Economic axiom: ‘Needs, taken as a whole, can never be satisfied.’ Which inevitably means economics is about treating resources as something scarce. Which inevitably leads to conflict because of that perception. Which is why all modern societies wind up with the same problems–because they’re looking at scarcity rather than opportunity and abundance. Missing the beauty which is real and around. Hmm, tap.

Between the taps.