My Cartoon Life

Panel 1:
Woke up. Got dressed in superhero costume then regular street clothes over the top.

Panel 2:
Checked email. Transfered money needed to pay credit cards from checking account to savings account.

Panel 3:
Tidied up apartment in a vague way by moving bits of paper from one place to another.

Panel 4:
Lucy came round, watched football and bought some of my furniture in preparation for having the property valued and selling up.

Panel 5:
Went out for fish and chips.

Panel 6:
Marvelled at the special Saturday spectacle of minor celebrities and has-beens embarrassing themselves on national television while other minor celebrities provided mindless commentary.

Panels 7-11:
Went to work and drank Coca Cola, symbol of Free West. Music with a catchy bassline came on in the background. Hordes of dancers appeared out of nowhere and we broke out into a spontaneous performance for five minutes in strongly backlit artificial rain.

Panels 12-20:
Snuck out and saved the city during a pre-recorded item.

Panel 21:
Went home and slept the sleep of The Just.

Panel 22:
Skin tight dreams of superheroines in peril and satisfying out of body experience which editor replaced with angst-filled introspection and a Doctor Strange chapter full of psychic robots in final published book.

Panel 23:
Cool David Bowie soundtrack over end credits.